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The Fosters' Legacy Foundation (FLF) was created to honor the legacies of Anrew "Rube" Foster and William "Bill" Foster.  Both brothers were important figures in Negro League baseball and they both had a lasting impact on the sport.  The Foster brothers worked hard to improve the lives of African-Americans through the sport of baseball.  Rube by being a player, manager, owner, architect and founder of  the National Negro Baseball League.  Bill by being one of the best pitcher to ever play in thenegro leagues and an eduactor.  In their honor, the FLF strives to improve the lives of underserved communities.

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The FLF's mission utilizes the business of baseball to introduce

underserved communities to a broader worldview.  We will work to equip persons from those communities with the skills and resources that will enable them to achieve their maximum potential and become engaged and productive citizens in the community.  Honoring the legacies of Rube and Bill Foster, we will work tirelessly to foster and nurture the development

of the whole person.


The Fosters’ Legacy Foundation will create a network of organizations and philanthropists working collectively to provide a community of events, workshops, and tools surrounding ingenuity, athletic development, social and community responsibility, value creation, and community service (education, health, and wealth).

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